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Unity - Mesh Slicing

A while ago one of my friends had an idea for a 3D game where you can only see parts of the world at once. Think of a volume, like a cube, within which the world exists and is visible, but outside ...

Slicing a mesh with a plane in Unity

Reverse-Engineering an MS-DOS Game

My favourite game of all time is Ultima Underworld, a first-person RPG set inside a massive underground prison known as The Stygian Abyss. It was released in 1992 for MS-DOS, and I remember being...

Attempting to disassemble the 1992 game Ultima Underworld

Porting a 40-Year-Old Board Game to Unity

A few years ago I was introduced to the 1981 board game Dark Tower, developed by Milton Bradley, which describes itself as “a fantasy adventure born of electronic wizardry”. In the game, up to fo...

Porting the 40-Year-Old Dark Tower Board Game to Unity

RuneScape - Smooth Movement

Back in late 2019 I worked on an improvement to the motion of player characters and NPCs in RuneScape. Players and NPCs in RuneScape are aligned to a grid, and have historically moved in straight l...

How this website was made

Unity - Animation-synced movement

I’ve recently been working on a side project with a couple of friends using Unity. It’s a hand-drawn game that takes place inside a cosy cafe in a small town populated by animals. It’s slow-paced, ...

Synchonising character movement to sprite animation in Unity